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Bus Grease Monkey
FWIW, That truck is for sale. The owner Mark can read the comments here and contact anyone interested.
Коментарий: Bus Grease Monkey

Sam BassettLumber
That's a good looking truck!
Коментарий: Sam BassettLumber

Bryan Sissell
What a great truck! Such a beast of burden
Коментарий: Bryan Sissell

Ferrell Johns
Looks like a military differential.
Коментарий: Ferrell Johns

Roger Braswell Jr.
I bet this old beast is alot of fun to drive. I really miss the old road rangers. Hell I miss anything before the EGR was used.
Коментарий: Roger Braswell Jr.

Roger Braswell Jr.
This is what I do on my days off. Watch hours of old trucks getting revived. No red blood here. Just diesel green.
Коментарий: Roger Braswell Jr.

WhenYoure AStranger
Will there be blood?
Коментарий: WhenYoure AStranger

I have to finish my 4-53T swap first before I could consider buying another Detroit.:) www.youtube.com/watch?v=F4K_1PKzqWQ&t=30s
Коментарий: BudaDiesel

Mix 1 part ATF fluid with 1 part acetone, 10x better than WD40..google it.
Коментарий: Yumatas

$40 says those old men working on that truck felt like the were 20 years old again working on familiar equipment from they day of their prime.
Коментарий: Yumatas

With all those cobwebs in the engine compartment I think this truck belonged to Herman Munster.
Коментарий: Bill23799

John Murrin
awesome vid subbed ya
Коментарий: John Murrin

Tramram The First
1:15:50 is that a 1969 Mercury Cougar XR7?
Коментарий: Tramram The First

ernest lee morell sr
Lolo, man I saw that look in your eyes when lifted the hood, even the 🐕 when like, well whatever, no rabbit chasing today.
Коментарий: ernest lee morell sr

Stephen Pavlisko
His wedding ring is getting dinged to hell working on the engine like that
Коментарий: Stephen Pavlisko

Jim Smith
A thing of beauty, to bad way too far from me, first trucks i learned to drive on were brigader with 6v in them,
Коментарий: Jim Smith

Todd Gittins
Another junk Detroit. Probably low mileage, because they are pain to operate. Use only as needed. Frame will never rust, has 2 inches of oil coating it.
Коментарий: Todd Gittins

Lewis Deville
Very awesome video well worth the time to watch! Seeing that old diesel fire up brought on a smile and goose bumps 😁 ran on old fuel too wow Detroit iron rite there! Thank for sharing 👍
Коментарий: Lewis Deville

In Three Months of videos About Frist Starts / will it Run?
This is Now my Favorite, You were so Very through in your prestart, lube and inspect all points bulletin,
Along with slowly returning the valves that were rusted back to within operating spec by slowly raising rpm
to remove as much rust from the valves stem / seats rusted as possible, not to mention the breaks .
thank you.

Коментарий: ZanderArron

James Lamb
That was Cool! Thanks for sharing what it takes to get a classic diesel running. What a great collection of stuff!
Коментарий: James Lamb

There's no sweeter sound on earth than a 2 stroke Detroit!
Коментарий: GPAltaBob

Osvaldo Cristo
Front tires look new, although destroyed... actually the back tires look also almost new, it is not usual for old and abandonned trucks. BTW, very good job!
Коментарий: Osvaldo Cristo

Bill Johnson
That steel-wheeled tractor looks to be a McCormick-Deering 10-20... they were made from '23-'39. I have its big brother the 15-30 (which looks nearly the same).
Коментарий: Bill Johnson

William Fick
When I go down to the tractor shed to tend to the Farmall H, my dogs come to help, like yours. Couldn't do it without them.
Коментарий: William Fick

Abdi Piano
None of the 2019 trucks will start 25 years in the future thanks to onboard computers
Коментарий: Abdi Piano

Ben Ruether
Your forklift has Ground Hawgs. Badass
Коментарий: Ben Ruether

Phillip Nolen
Looks like an old deuce and a half engine from the army
Коментарий: Phillip Nolen

any idea what the hat is on the older gentleman?
Коментарий: EvilconsciousX

Memphis Darkside Muzik HD
just liked and subbed cuz i like old rusty junk.
Коментарий: Memphis Darkside Muzik HD

Why not air-up that tire?
Коментарий: Ricopolico

Benjamin Reneau
Aren’t Detroit’s two strokes instead of four?
Коментарий: Benjamin Reneau

Colby Mason
Rain much?
Коментарий: Colby Mason

Randy Rinker
The closed captioning says [music] when it starts - how right they are.
Коментарий: Randy Rinker

kain hall
budds rims, and lock rings.....
a LOT of shops will refuse to change a tire on that...... but our shop in wolf point, montana still messes around with lock ring rims......

but i still pucker my B-hole every time i air one up to 100 PSI..... despite it being in a "tire cage"

they make new style rims..... exact same "shape"..... but dont have a lock ring.....
built like a modern rim (aka one piece)..... but still mount to the original hub, and take the same OOOLLLDDDD!!!! school tires

probably 900-20s or 1100-20s on that bad boy.....
11.00's are a LOT easier to get than 9.00-20s

split/lock rim tires are a LOT easier to change a tire on...... but it make it SUPER dangerous for your tire guy
so i recommend buying the new single piece rims....

again..... think of a lock ring rim..... but the lock ring is permanently affixed...
thats how the "new style" rims are made

expensiove at first...... but we charge 20 dollars for a normal "semi" tire
and 50 for a lock ring..... and 75 for a split rim

and yes.... we still "fuck with" split rims..... despite them being illegal for 30+ years.....
old farmers still need to haul their grain....

Коментарий: kain hall

Brendan Flaherty
Awesome Video Motor clean inside Huh Baby sounds Great i passed a bus like that on the PA turnpike last week
Коментарий: Brendan Flaherty

Zack Dänekas
Would love to have one of those! Too bad the clutch wasn’t working.
Коментарий: Zack Dänekas

Infamous Gamer
Dude, as soon as he got done blowing the horn on the truck a train by where I live answered with a horn blast of its own.
Коментарий: Infamous Gamer

Herbs Kiwi Experience
Good shit herb have a look at my 1968 Honda mini trail I found in the woods that I get going...herbs kiwi experience 🖒🖒🖒😁😎😎🖒😁
Коментарий: Herbs Kiwi Experience

Which way is no fuel on the rack? Is it plunger rods pushing into the injectors? And all Chevys and GMCs of that era where negative ground.
Коментарий: sixinarow1

J IJzer
Nothing wrong with an old fashion diesel makes me smile when I hear it starting
Коментарий: J IJzer

flat tire and in gear, don't they have an air compressor?
Коментарий: jim

Mohamed Moustaghfir
the dog
Коментарий: Mohamed Moustaghfir

El Sucio Federali
Nice Vid....these old trucks are harder and harder to find as is the people who can fix them - Also, so many "cold start" fake vids out there.... This one was real and the steps to get it running proved that. We had a mint '57 Apache cattle truck....small block gas engine - I bet it's still running today unless it crashed
Коментарий: El Sucio Federali

Tracey Berge
My Dad Harold Berge rebuilt many different engines in his life. He worked for Acklands , Cullen Detroit and many others. His knowledge was vast,and could fix anything. He also taught apprentices. He worked on Earth Movers just to name a few. He had a real gift for Mechanics.
When he wasnt at work he was in his shop working on his vehicles or someone elses.
He also welded and fixed many things. His welding was very neat and precise.He also had projects going.
I was his "Shadow" when growing up,I loved watching him . I also learned a lot from him.He was a wonderful man. I use to help him with certain things that I could manage bleed brakes.take apart brakes etc. Some electrical ,plumbing.
Thank you Dad for all the knowledge you gave me I was lucky to have you as my Dad. I miss you everyday Love Tracey

Коментарий: Tracey Berge

Heikki Pinomaa
I would be glad if you were changing the oil in the first place, because you'll have an oil pressure created between a very tiny clearances at the crank and big end bearings. A good lubrication will be needed there. At least you put some coolant in it, that is fine.
Коментарий: Heikki Pinomaa

How come there isn't a turbo?
Коментарий: BedTimeModz

Jesse Parris
Is that burgundy/gold Isuzu Trooper for sale? Gas or diesel?
Коментарий: Jesse Parris

jonathan johnson
Is the blue 1 cyclinder diesel motor also for sale ????
Коментарий: jonathan johnson

A towtruck towing a towtruck
Коментарий: T N

harri hiltunen
old good truck, strong and health..
Коментарий: harri hiltunen

Jack S
Thats cool it has an external grease zirk for the throwout bearing
Коментарий: Jack S

Travis N.
Gorgeous truck 😏
Коментарий: Travis N.

jonathan johnson
I will buy the truck I have cash money , call me
Коментарий: jonathan johnson

David NCW
Yes "good old engines" before bureaucrats and politicians started dictating engineering specs.
Коментарий: David NCW

David NCW
super cool THANKYOU!!
Коментарий: David NCW

Mesar Albujeyash
blow that stuff off the engine man
Коментарий: Mesar Albujeyash

Mesar Albujeyash
back in the days is so much easyer to get into the enging but now omg u cant find the sparkplugs lol
Коментарий: Mesar Albujeyash

Justin Myslive
What do you expect????? He's got a running engine right behind him and you're probably more than 30 feet away. He couldn't hear you when you said "stop"
Коментарий: Justin Myslive

Need some Marvel Mystery Oil to begin with to get things moving.
Коментарий: kermitefrog64

When vehicles were made in Detroit to last.
Коментарий: kermitefrog64

Thumbs up liked for you.
Коментарий: bluesharp59

MetalWorks Machine Shop
Nice work. , looks to be a old pack rat that probably will never sell anything.
Коментарий: MetalWorks Machine Shop

BGM will be coming out with his own " Bus Grease monkey 30 Minute Workout Video "
The video will be very inexpensive but you will have to provide your
own Bus/Truck with 471 Diesel engine to crawl under.

Коментарий: Bill23799

Allen Trego
Great video
Коментарий: Allen Trego

L Pi
very impressed with the calmness of the mechanic. love diesel too
Коментарий: L Pi

Josuah Duffy
what a beautiful environment ,is that a rural farm ,or workplace, home ..lovely your living the dream mate
Коментарий: Josuah Duffy

Marvin Jones
I served 28 years in the US Navy and the last 10 years as a fleet dealer inspector and this mechanic can work for me any time , he knows his stuff. BRAVO ZULU
Коментарий: Marvin Jones

I wouldn't work on it before all spiders and webs are removed with a pressure washer, because i hate spiders and their sticky webs.
Коментарий: 3DPeter

what was wrong with air hosing the whole thing down (including the spider webs? Loved the video though and subbed because of Dangar Stu. Well worth it mate. You're an expert mech. Thank you for all your effort and look forward to watching all of you videos. My regards .
Коментарий: Nomad

Simply AWESOME.  Nothing like a DIESEL.
Коментарий: Doug

neleknuse nikdy
Great work. Nice truck :)
Коментарий: neleknuse nikdy

Linc Reed-Nickerson
A bit off topic, but I stumbled on to your videos, and spent several hours watching. I’ve never thought much about busses, being a rail road enthusiast, steam and diesel. I owned four diesel locomotives, and have a passion for EMD 567 prime movers. I did most of my own repair and maintenance 8, 12 and 16 cylinder, all Roots Blowers, near where your Oregon and Washington videos were shot. Retired 5 years ago and moved to Australia, still plenty of Clyde EMD 567’s in use here. Relocating to Vietnam for a few years, Some GE and ALCO there, but I will be lonely for the GM products.
Коментарий: Linc Reed-Nickerson

Kyle Amarias
So from what I see, blue shirt mechanic dude loves breathing in that old diesel motor and exhaust to exhilarate his lungs to live. Dude was telling him to rev it up so he could get the full power of that 70's motor pumping raw unfiltered, screw california diesel, straight to his face. This is the look of a true old diesel loving engine the power he needs to survive! He's the Superman of old diesels! and to that, we salute you Mr. Old unfiltered diesel, I'm not a california bitch emissions diesel mechanic, man!
Коментарий: Kyle Amarias

Daniel Robertson
That looks like my work 2017 Hilux doing a dpf burn
Коментарий: Daniel Robertson

Cory Shepherd
I'm not sure I understand what difference turning the engine over (by hand) would make when it comes to the injectors. I know nothing of these motors so I'm sure there is a reason for it and I would like to hear what that is if you wouldn't mind explaining.
Коментарий: Cory Shepherd

Sergio Specalsiki
Коментарий: Sergio Specalsiki

Jonathan Kent
Do you know anything about that 1968 Thunderbird at 1:15:50?
Коментарий: Jonathan Kent

Sergio Specalsiki
Коментарий: Sergio Specalsiki

anthony adornetto
How is that motor so clean inside still?
Коментарий: anthony adornetto

if you ever have a Detroit take off, it'll make your feet real light every time you crank one. I had a 6v53 get gone once took a tool box to finally shut it down,
Коментарий: dieselman2000

Michael Gill
Were those cars at the end a 68ish Cougar and a 74ish Nova?
Коментарий: Michael Gill

Elizabeth Finaly
Коментарий: Elizabeth Finaly

Peter Lindop
Your technical analyst is superb. Your videos on YouTube are excellent just keep sending. From Peter Lindop in U.K.
Коментарий: Peter Lindop

CME4 Sheepdogs
powerwash upon delivery, so you dont have to battle the filth and nests! THEN work on it so you're not battling all that crap! Otherwise its a runner! Not bad for its age!
Коментарий: CME4 Sheepdogs

The good thing about diesel fuel especially the old one is that it doesn't go bad like gasoline, the new stuff can have algae growth in it at least here in europe if it sits as it has some cooking oil in it, if it's clear and unmodified fuel it can sit longer without issues
Коментарий: Jonas

Thomas H H
For a channel with 51K subs this video got over 1 M views. Thats impressive!
Коментарий: Thomas H H

sounds like a 2-stroke motor, and a smooth one too
Коментарий: Xantec

ethan wilhelm
How much for the truck??
Коментарий: ethan wilhelm

piston rings
Super nice work, Mr. Sam Elliott
Коментарий: piston rings

Corena Evans
Mark do you want to sell the i mark. Also im looking for a stock chrome passenger mirror for my 82 luv mikado diesel if youd have one.
Коментарий: Corena Evans

Shane Arkwright
that Isuzu Imack not sure how you spell it but they had a similar almost identical GMH car In Australia called a Gemini and to see it in a coupe is amazing also what a fabulous place to visit I only just found your channel thru Dangar Stu love your work I had a Mitsubishi truck dual diff 14 Tonner with a 671 Detroit 2 stroker strongest engine ever the Chassis failed around the truck hahahha
Коментарий: Shane Arkwright

philip tipping
So little rust for an old girl
Коментарий: philip tipping

Steven McHenry
Great job boss.
Коментарий: Steven McHenry

Tom Rausch
Scott, in Oregon messing with the Governor? No wonder she’s sooo greasy! FYI she’s not fixed...
Коментарий: Tom Rausch

Tom Rausch
Good to see you, Mark again...Elderly Iron, Classic Truck Rescue and now Bus Grease Monkey. Where are you next?
Коментарий: Tom Rausch

Oil bath air intake?, haven't seen that setup since the Mayflower landed, very few things predate me these days, nice to see^^
Коментарий: Pappysshoes

That would be one heck of a truck to fix up with a modern engine & a/c inside for around town hauling
Коментарий: TejasToolMan

Bill Clinton
That weird rear axle is a mack top loader been around for ever tough as nails too
Коментарий: Bill Clinton

dan shenberger
Jesus pull it off already !
Коментарий: dan shenberger

Dave Micolichek
Could be made into a pretty sweet car hauler.... Engine sounded good after it ran for a while. I like it..
Коментарий: Dave Micolichek

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