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Dave C
short bed on HD is 6'10" not 6'6" as stated. 6'6" is the reg bed on 1/2ton trucks.
Коментарий: Dave C

Ember2460 Harrington
Please GMC the Vehicle Lock Honking on your trucks is Horribly Loud. It wakes people up everywhere. It wakes our kids up.
We can hear it Inside our homes and the buildings drivers park next to. Please Please create technology that does not emit noise into our communities.
I am a cardiac patient and stroke survivor and such noise is horribly health stressing for any of us with cardiac disease or ptsd insomnia hypertension or migraines. Please turn off the noise! Thank you.

Коментарий: Ember2460 Harrington

Timothy Aldridge
Hey look! its the generic complaint about the interior!!!!
Коментарий: Timothy Aldridge

Chloe Crane
GMCs are the equivalent to a really hot person with a bad attitude. Beautiful on the outside, terrible on the inside.
Коментарий: Chloe Crane

Kevon Toby
We only care about TQ numbers when it comes to diesel
Коментарий: Kevon Toby

Dan Kruger
who cares about the cameras. Maybe at the ball or gooseneck for hooking up a trailer.
Коментарий: Dan Kruger

Dan Kruger
personally, i like a simple interior and leg room. Less things to rattle and fall apart.
Коментарий: Dan Kruger

Matt Thadd
Chopped wood?
Коментарий: Matt Thadd

Mid South Hot Shots
Ugly freaking trash that drives like shit. Screw gm they won’t last a year without major problems that warranty will not cover at all. The new Ram 1500 diesel tows 4000 lbs more and gets 41 mpg while lowly gm gets only 29 mpg. Gm sucks ass people they have since the lying early 60s
Коментарий: Mid South Hot Shots

דניאל אלון
Dear Friends!!!!! This is a very important message. Anyone who buys a new car from GENERAL Motors the chance you threw your money into the trash is very large. In this company there is no customer service, the company's management does not care at all, if you have a problem or a malfunction, you can only pray to God there is a chance that the help will come faster. GM is a very dangerous company, be careful and keep your money safe.!!!👎👎👎👎👎😬👎😬👎👎
Коментарий: דניאל אלון

Michael Cavalieri
Only question I have is what is the difference between a big Tow Mirror and a small toe mirror?
Коментарий: Michael Cavalieri

Kelvin Aung
i have the gas version 2500
to help people out I average 11.5 city 16hwy
when towing 7400lbs travel trailer 7.2city hwy and and 9.8hwy

Коментарий: Kelvin Aung

Luis Mancilla
At least GM trucks look way better than Ford's trucks
Коментарий: Luis Mancilla

The answer you are looking for is no. I also drive a GMC and it is far from professional.
Коментарий: CPKustoms

Scott Broadhead
Enough with the interior looks the same as the dodge except the screen smaller do you have eye problems it’s a truck you don’t need a big screen tv!
Коментарий: Scott Broadhead

Chanasorn Onnom
Too bad that Thailand doesn't have sales.
Коментарий: Chanasorn Onnom

jaylan fonville
Коментарий: jaylan fonville

Ed Jones
Jackson Hole Wyoming. If you have a lot of money and like trees, MOVE THERE!
Коментарий: Ed Jones

Коментарий: thewireman134

Dodge and Ford have solid axles in the front of their heavy duty trucks, the way it should be.
Коментарий: ID-VWAenthszt

Tarrin Ohotto
Must have been some of that iron wood
Коментарий: Tarrin Ohotto

70k and I can’t get a iPad 👀👀
Коментарий: PARTY

sammy duran
A super solid truck. The interior has real aluminum and and real wood. This interior is the regular version in a year there will be 2 options and an upgrade interior.
Коментарий: sammy duran

Last Generation
So Ram is 4 most selling🤔
Коментарий: Last Generation

pete perkins
When you start copying Ram you're in trouble...
Коментарий: pete perkins

pete perkins
Lol...too much time spent designing taligates for soccer dads/moms instead of professionals.
Коментарий: pete perkins

Edwin Padilla
Dang, this excess of useless luxury reminds me of a canyonero!
GMC Sierra, the canyonero of trucks

Коментарий: Edwin Padilla

William leverette
Do Americans really have problems with descending a hill? 🤣🤣🤣
Коментарий: William leverette

Anthony Rafferty
Maybe if your a professional grocery getter, they dont build a regular cab, so no!
Коментарий: Anthony Rafferty

fred jeep
And of course the coolest exterior is only available with black interior.
Коментарий: fred jeep

Eric Trinklein
Good Stoner Rock intro music!
Коментарий: Eric Trinklein

Dana Reynolds
v8 makes the most sense for those of us that only tow 3-4 times a year. lower fuel cost, lower maintanence cost.
Коментарий: Dana Reynolds

Not Jackson hole.......Alpine wyoming
Коментарий: AJ FLEGEL

From the side it looks like a tundra
Коментарий: agentx0126

Lol the grill looks a lot better for that year but those mirrors are a BIG miss
Коментарий: codysett1

Bizzobb Foshizzle
You nailed it, interiors are their weakness
Коментарий: Bizzobb Foshizzle

The Guy
Коментарий: The Guy

at 0:11 secs That truck never crossed that river !
Коментарий: revistadearmas

Scott Kucinski
Don't like the headlights looks too much like a Ford now
Коментарий: Scott Kucinski

HellKitty 101
Ram 6.4= 410hp
GM 6.6 gas= 401hp

GMC does NOT outsell Ram, and Ram is currently outselling Chevy, making it the #2 truck.

Коментарий: HellKitty 101

Chris Magarian
GM junk!
Коментарий: Chris Magarian

Brock Lee
Ram is the one you want.
Коментарий: Brock Lee

albert valley farm
After driving all the new full size trucks I decided on a new Sierra 1/2 ton. It does lack some of the "wow" you get inside the Ram truck, but it more than makes up for it in every performance measure. I even rented a Ram, F150, and Sierra before deciding so I could get a really good feel for each. After 5 months I'm still extremely happy with my GMC!
Коментарий: albert valley farm

Steve Jones
I like the interior. It's just plain and functional.
Коментарий: Steve Jones

datrelle g
Great lookin truck,but for 80 grand out the lot,you'd need to deal dope or work for the govt to afford that mofo
Коментарий: datrelle g

Hans Pierre
900th like, 38!dislikes , 43,908th view and 265th comment! Exterior is awesome but interior is gross. GM owns Dodge and Ram. Just pawn some pros from them!!
Коментарий: Hans Pierre

Jackson Pitcher
Buys new Sierra with the new tailgate. Folds down the top portion of the tailgate. Smashes backup camera
Коментарий: Jackson Pitcher

Kyle Hooks
If these trucks came out ten years ago this guy wouldn’t be able to talk because he’d be too busy masterbating over it...so overly critical on all GMC lines. That Duramax with an Allison is freaking awesome...
Коментарий: Kyle Hooks

Derek Potaki
I don’t see any cupholders under the HD hood!! 😁
Коментарий: Derek Potaki

Can you purchase trucks that are on obstacle courses. I’m sure they would be a lot cheaper since they’ve been used over and over again.

I would really like to know how to buy one of these and if it’s possible.

Коментарий: 05tech

Shadow V.
Im not that much into trucks but i would take one any day over suvs...
Коментарий: Shadow V.

I'm guessing it still uses Audio Systems supplied by BOSE?
Коментарий: MrGumbwit

Norm T
Tundra who?
Коментарий: Norm T

Damn near every single person hates GM interiors. Yet they still wont fix it.
Коментарий: bluesrocker33

Let's take a moment to appreciate just how high the hoods of these 'half' ton pickups have become....
I only hope truck manufacturers start adding a hood bumper step for vertically-challenged customers.


American Vehicles have never been known for their interiors. Most American disappoint me or are just decent. German’s are imo the best at interiors.
Коментарий: InfernoRico

Vojnik JNA
Careful don’t wanna scratch the wax off the frame.
Коментарий: Vojnik JNA

Avery Lee
They need to look at how dodge does their interiors with the ram and take notes
Коментарий: Avery Lee

Xavier McQuiston
I don't know why the interior gets so much hate. I actually really like the interior and the functionality. It's a truck, not a luxury sedan. It needs to look good, but also be functional as a truck. Really, no one had a problem until Ram redid their interiors.
Коментарий: Xavier McQuiston

Julio Bahamundi
Exterior 👍
Interior 🤬

Коментарий: Julio Bahamundi

SoCal DanK
Looks like a grandpa truck
Коментарий: SoCal DanK

Devon Janzen
I’m a 19 Ram owner and I must say yeah the interior is disappointing but gm did what people wanted in their truck especially rear air vents and rear heated seats, I driven one and the interior isn’t bad.
Коментарий: Devon Janzen

Oslec Liedbag
I'm thingking of getting the 6.6L gas engine with the 6 seating config
Коментарий: Oslec Liedbag

Only GM can build a brand new car with an already outdated/cheap looking interior.
Коментарий: electrikoptik

Vito Petrish
I too have a 6 inch infotainment at Zafira 2014 in Europe, but the new Opel models have a new 8 inch, which is much better! :P
Коментарий: Vito Petrish

Ryan Anderson
I’m so torn. I want a Denali 2500 so badly because they are beautiful. The exterior is stunning. They just lack so much in the interior. But I feel like the exterior almost makes up for it
Коментарий: Ryan Anderson

prime fire
The sexiest truck out there , literally!!!
Коментарий: prime fire

Dashcam Dumbasses
The engine has a 150k life span. The engineers even said so. They mounted a timing chain in the rear. Add in DPF, DEF and all of the failures that come with those systems and this truck seems totally unappealing.
Коментарий: Dashcam Dumbasses

Calvin Hikes
I realize it's essentially a sponsored media drive but I'd be curious to see a control car usee on the same track. Like maybe another pick-up or heck even a Honda Civic. Cuz I don't feel like driving up an organized pile of rocks gives any indication of thus vehicles off-road prowess.
Коментарий: Calvin Hikes

Mike Mr305
Saw u in the airport today, had a nerd moment, hope your day wasn't ruined by the crappy miami airport experience 😭😂
Коментарий: Mike Mr305

Garbage Motors, again
Коментарий: Today'sTopic

i dont like tge orange reflectors on the black wheel well accent .
Коментарий: Calmer573

I am your follower from Iraq, advice for you Add a translation into Arabic, Chinese and French languages ​​in the video to get millions of views, great video content, Like Dude perfect youtube

Коментарий: Ali2B2

RAM has the most luxurious interiors of any truck.
Коментарий: REDSP1R1T

Timmy Campbell
No experience towing a fifth wheel and trying to review the engine towing it. Lol
Коментарий: Timmy Campbell

Stopped watching after you said the HD had a 6’6” bed and that the carbon pro bed is available. The bed is 6’9” and carbon pro is only available on the half tons at this time. Please get you facts correct before recording a review.
Коментарий: ApertureXTC

Randy Carlisle
The V8 gas engines out sell the diesels at about 3 to 1 due in part to fleet sales because of the far lower MSRP and much lower maintenance costs over the diesel. Thus the reason Ford and GM both came out with new commercial grade V8 has engines for 2020 which will undoubtedly make the sales gap between diesel and gas even broader than before.
Коментарий: Randy Carlisle

Travis Stankowski
Wow dumb.
Коментарий: Travis Stankowski

Stuff I Like
Great review. I do believe the bed is 6’9”. It got bigger as well
Коментарий: Stuff I Like

Clive Flint
6.6L? Sheesh such a waste of the worlds resources. How may MPG?
Коментарий: Clive Flint

Congratulations GM for continuing to carry over interior choice materials from a 1986 Chevrolet Celebrity..... Pathetic
Коментарий: Pussaty

John Holst
Canada and the US are literally, the only countries on Earth you can drive these beasts! The roads are too small elsewhere! This GMC seems nicer than the Chevy.
Коментарий: John Holst

James Mastroianni
The gas engine was made for fleets and people who dont wanna deal with diesel emission equipment. I would fall into the second category.

Go look at any lawn care, upfitted service truck or basic work truck. You will see only gas engines. Even the truck based ambulances run gas engines. The diesels are luxury engines these days and only work engines for hotshotters, otherwise it's just for people who can afford large rv/boats/horses ect.

Коментарий: James Mastroianni

Looks like they're borrowing lots of design elements from the F150
Коментарий: Beanjuice

So they charge more money for the same exact truck as Chevy? GM still can't make a decent interior.
Коментарий: TheExotich1

Olakunle Olafisoye
For 80k? Nah!
Коментарий: Olakunle Olafisoye

Ander Ander
Good truck.... incredibly down-market interior ..... The midrange Ram Laramie (with two trim levels above it) is nicer than the toprange Sierra Denali interior..... the Ram Limited?? blows it away
Коментарий: Ander Ander

Tony Tanti
Same sized screen on infotainment since 2009
Коментарий: Tony Tanti

Spencer Peat
My dad has been driving around in a 3.0 1500 and it's a very nice truck. The engine is very smooth and transmission tuning is dialed in well.
Коментарий: Spencer Peat

Carlos Almendarez
Exterior looks amazing disappointed with the interior not worth the price tag but I would rather get the new ram
Коментарий: Carlos Almendarez

Cool Kid
Typical dumbass comments. No body caring about the trucks performance but only it’s interior. Jesus Christ which do you think is more important for a truck? 🤦🏼‍♂️
Коментарий: Cool Kid

The HD truck makes you look about 4 feet tall. These things are getting ridiculous. I can't imagine the carnage they'll do to people still driving regular cars in an accident.
Коментарий: OnTheRocks

Cool Kid
They sell more Sierras than rams? That’s surprising.
Коментарий: Cool Kid

Cool Kid
Best looking and one of the best performing trucks out there
Коментарий: Cool Kid

Michael Foust
Cool trucks, too bad they ruined them with stale interiors.
Коментарий: Michael Foust

Joe Goins
Bosch fuel pumps are and causing metal shavings to enter the injectors
Коментарий: Joe Goins

jaylan fonville
Коментарий: jaylan fonville

Steve E
You practically need a booster seat to see over the dashboard
Коментарий: Steve E

Tuffy Garcia
I always loved US trucks, but what I don't get is why all HD models from all brands have those big "dressing table" like mirrors... they look weird and most of the time do not match the design of the truck itself and not everyone wants to tow with their HD trucks.
I know, I know... HD trucks are made for that, heavy duty, towing and all, but c'mon... the mirrors from the 1500 models are a lot more beautiful.

Коментарий: Tuffy Garcia

Chris Fabian
I work out of a 2017 3500HD, and that interior looks a little better than this one. It's like GM went backwards on interior design
Коментарий: Chris Fabian

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