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Dam nice 👍
Коментарий: Wildcard

สุเชิดชัย ภูคํา
So Butiful
Коментарий: สุเชิดชัย ภูคํา

Head Hunter
Nearly same as ford f450 2010 model.
Коментарий: Head Hunter

Pipeliner Skilllabro
A bullshit short box. Short box trucks are for girls.!
Коментарий: Pipeliner Skilllabro

Hussain Jaffery
Price please
Коментарий: Hussain Jaffery

b r
Just traded my 14 for a 19 Denali like yours in the dark sky metallic. I have to say, it is the nicest truck on the road. Pricey? Yeah a little, but that's why manufacturers provide different trim levels to appease everyone.
Коментарий: b r

I have 5.3L SLT and I love it. This Denali is incredible though!
Коментарий: DildoSwaggins

Looks aggressive but the wheels looks flaw...

Trust mE No One
Dam looking at the engine bay it looks like a hard truck to work on by yourself i see a lot of swearing
Коментарий: Trust mE No One

Trust mE No One
Dont talk about price its worth it ok that way when people sell it they be like 50k no lowballs i know what i have
Коментарий: Trust mE No One

Jose Ortega
So now that you have had for a while what are your impressions? Any regrets? Any suggestions im in the market looking for one. Thanks 🙏
Коментарий: Jose Ortega

iwoww 562
Does any think the back where the passengers sit looks smaller then most trucks?
Коментарий: iwoww 562

lover for ever
WOOOOOW only American cars i love big monsters
Коментарий: lover for ever

Smart Ass
Congratulations on your new 1,200 dollar truck note.
Коментарий: Smart Ass

That's one ridiculously nice truck! In '15, I bought the most stripped down base Sierra 4WD they sold. I love it but my driving experience will never be as enjoyable as yours. LOL
Коментарий: Dcyphrz

How’s it drive
Коментарий: JR

Does it have lane assist

How's much you average on gas mileage?
Коментарий: Loading......

Rich Bissonnette
We're the wheel wells completely painted in the engine compartment?
Коментарий: Rich Bissonnette

Kriz Yamz
Would you like some car with your grill, Sir?
Коментарий: Kriz Yamz

Nur Sidik
Give me money for buy it.
Коментарий: Nur Sidik

Nur Sidik
How much?
Коментарий: Nur Sidik

I like the truck. Considering getting one myself.
Коментарий: Walter

Joe Villareal
I Love My GMC, and CHEVY, but they really Need 2 step up the interior Big Time.....
Коментарий: Joe Villareal

Peter Sampson
Коментарий: Peter Sampson

Kelly Fontes
Did you test drive a Ram or Ford or are you GM all the way.
Коментарий: Kelly Fontes

Stephen Luther
Коментарий: Stephen Luther

motor city
I just bought the At4 how do you roll the windows down with the key fob?
Коментарий: motor city

Kirabo Isabella
motor cycpl
Коментарий: Kirabo Isabella

Fagner da XRE
aaa se vinhece para o brasil
Коментарий: Fagner da XRE

Peter Sampson
It would be a MIRACLE for my father. I would cry with HAPPINESS.
Коментарий: Peter Sampson

Claudio Inácio Do Carmo
Коментарий: Claudio Inácio Do Carmo

Jon Hoskins
Beautiful truck. Stupid wheels. Who the hell are they really targeting with 22 in crap.
Коментарий: Jon Hoskins

I like the front grill looks bad ass. I dont like how they design the back, the lights look like a Ford F150
Коментарий: MC S

How much you pay?
Коментарий: MC S

i want RAM's interior & technology in GMC Denali body
Коментарий: ADONAI ECHAD

African Roots
i love it, really
Коментарий: African Roots

Beautiful truck but those rims look like a pain to clean
Коментарий: Frankie

Asadbek Odiljonov
Коментарий: Asadbek Odiljonov

Asadbek Odiljonov
Hoh much is ti?
Коментарий: Asadbek Odiljonov

Drunken Chewbacca
Ultimate edition interior looks basic af
Коментарий: Drunken Chewbacca

Player play
а когда будут обзор на Ниву СССР со всеми наворотами со всеми удобствами Советский Союз Социалистических Республик
Коментарий: Player play

cherise van wyk
I would loooooooooooove to have one..
Коментарий: cherise van wyk

joems 808
tundra still the best for quality in the long run
Коментарий: joems 808

Centurio Numerouno
Americans can not build good cars. All Plastic inside! It's 2019 and not 1992 ...
Коментарий: Centurio Numerouno

I want one with 8WD and twin steering to do my supermarket shopping LOL
Коментарий: PartTimeTourist

Brian Piscitelli
Would you recommend this truck. I currently have a Silverado 2500 HD. I just looked at this Denali today.
Коментарий: Brian Piscitelli

Dennis Kerp
Now Thats what an American V8 Pickup Truck should Look like

Thanks for sharing that beauty

Коментарий: Dennis Kerp

Aleem Saleem
Коментарий: Aleem Saleem

Gabriel Rodrigues
Encher saporra de som kkkkk
Коментарий: Gabriel Rodrigues

Carlos Hernandez
Very nice good looking machine. On White 4 Me to hot in Florida. $$
Коментарий: Carlos Hernandez

Flavio Ribeiro
simplesmente Linda!!!!
Коментарий: Flavio Ribeiro

صهيب برنس
وين العربان اشترو يا كلاب
Коментарий: صهيب برنس

ominous thoughts
way to nice. bring that to a jobsite. lol. not hating. just dont see the point in a truck being that nice. but we guys work hard and want a nice truck or car. congrats.
Коментарий: ominous thoughts

Joe Shook
Man that's nice.
Коментарий: Joe Shook

@ 4:00 R.I.P (Rear view Cam) True Image/realistic "Literally" 😁😁... Enjoy the Ride, Be safe🙏
Коментарий: Maytix

Nai Plai
That truck is a beast 🐂
Коментарий: Nai Plai

Александр Свистоплясов
Это гавно застрянет на лёгком бездорожье намертво.
Коментарий: Александр Свистоплясов

Jack Spratt
too much chrome looks too gay for me. trucks are overpriced and overrated. nothing but plastic. read the book fool
Коментарий: Jack Spratt

I think you would have found out by now that the windows do not go back up with the remote!!

Pact Rave
what a car!!!!
Коментарий: Pact Rave

Right a little shaky the first time. You just sweet on that truck and wanted to get back out there with it!
Коментарий: youknowit

Looks efficient, for killing pedestrians.
Коментарий: Ed

Коментарий: MR TOWMAN C.C

Honey Hla
How much this truck??
Коментарий: Honey Hla

B. N. I Kofi
My Dream car
Коментарий: B. N. I Kofi

Steve Pouliot
Beautiful truck, not crazy about the rims I like the 17 design better though
Коментарий: Steve Pouliot

Joel Smerber
Best looking truck on the road by far, and I'm a Ram guy.
Коментарий: Joel Smerber

Jack Escano
Nice truck love enjoy 😉
Коментарий: Jack Escano

Adam M
Such an expensive truck, and can’t open the tailgate if the battery dies....
Коментарий: Adam M

Douglas Smith
Nice truck both inside and out. I think this and the Silverado high Country are the sharpest looking trucks on the Road. That is the exterior. GMC puts usable features that most people will use. The higher level F150 has a lot of features people will not use. Like parallel parking. Trailer back up assist and seat messages.
Коментарий: Douglas Smith

David Rios
cool truck 2 much money i cant oford it
Коментарий: David Rios

It’s a beautiful pavement queen
Коментарий: J P

Wanna see your foreskin ya filthy pig
Коментарий: 4160boy

Jose luis Martinez ledezma
Коментарий: Jose luis Martinez ledezma

Алымбек Молдобеков
Коментарий: Алымбек Молдобеков

MoHamed Cxj
I'd like to know what the price is.
Коментарий: MoHamed Cxj

Deej Teddy
Thanks for the video and thank you for making my decision that much easier. I've been contemplating out of three trucks and this one is at the top of my list
Коментарий: Deej Teddy

Do you feel like a pussy driving that? You should.
Коментарий: BulldogsRule12

martin joseph
ugly junk
Коментарий: martin joseph

Suits N Ties
Коментарий: Suits N Ties

ahammed anshid anshid khan
Super track
Коментарий: ahammed anshid anshid khan

cloy Uy
That green plain is epic
Коментарий: cloy Uy

Too much shit to go wrong, pass. Plus, that's not a practical truck anymore, it's just a penis extender on wheels for the less endowed.
Коментарий: alohawg

Heinrich Himmler
Коментарий: Heinrich Himmler

Айвар Горра
У уазиков ручки отламываются, ..и это у военного образца.....
Коментарий: Айвар Горра

Айвар Горра
Блядь, это вам не патриот дранный и мерзостный ..
Форева америка
За Автопром.
Позор эрэфии за тарантасы ..

Коментарий: Айвар Горра

Waleed M
Over priced not worth the money
Коментарий: Waleed M

slman _K.S.A
Коментарий: slman _K.S.A

Very nice truck!
Коментарий: AmsterdamBuhd

James Croad
I’m a Ford fan and living in New Zealand. I like all American pickup trucks and cars etc. should ban Asian brands taking over the markets. I use to like GMC from the good old days. They were made for hard work. Now days everyone likes all the cosmetic things the look too much fancy bits and pecies so have to pay some poor beggar to clean and polish it
Коментарий: James Croad

Konstantin Ftoroy
Cemetery view mirror is very cool. Pacifying.
Коментарий: Konstantin Ftoroy

Mr Glitchy 64
Sienna Sierra
Коментарий: Mr Glitchy 64

Put a ram interior in it lol
Коментарий: MOPAR 401

adrian dalomba
This truck so styling disaster
it’s lacking be aggressive look of the 18
it looks tall and narrow
trying to like it but it’s just not happening

Коментарий: adrian dalomba

Crispim Binho
Коментарий: Crispim Binho

Can someone tell me if the 6.2 has 4 cyl deactivation? Plz tell me no
Коментарий: khyoon14

Jr El Regio
How much you paid for it
Коментарий: Jr El Regio

I love GM but thats just too much damn plastic for that amount of money.
Коментарий: Kiddro22

Коментарий: DANY V

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