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Dave Carlson
Ugly piece of crap. Clunker off the lot. Salespeople are snakes and good luck using you warranty. Do you like to be looked in the eye while you're lied to? That's Chevy for you. All 3 vehicles I bought from gm are crap. Never again... move to China.
Коментарий: Dave Carlson

Anthony Nelson
45 thousand dollar pickup. Six-year loan at $750 dollars a month payment and $9000 dollars interest paid for the loan! No thank you!
Коментарий: Anthony Nelson

Kyle Codere
Did I see robots apply sealer before ecoat? I think the video may be edited in the wrong order?
Коментарий: Kyle Codere

I don't like how the production line has so many subjective human touch ups on it. One bad day for any of those inspections and the truck is a lemon.
Коментарий: Sworks

Paul Hardrick
Once Was A Chevy Owner Now Im A Ford Owner. These New Chevy Trucks Are Identical To Ford Trucks. Just Call Them CHEVY CROSS BREEDS! FORD'S FRONT CLIPS- FORD REAR TAIL LIGHTS- FORD FENDER WELLS- FORD HOOD DESIGN- GOOD BY CHEVY!!
Коментарий: Paul Hardrick

Bad ass...
Коментарий: mega0876

At 2:30 - Did anyone else notice the tailgate upside down?
Коментарий: Joe

It's amazing how far technology has come.
Коментарий: Joe

DawgzNation Nicca
GMC looks way better than that other piece of shit, Chevrolet looks so fckn gay...
Коментарий: DawgzNation Nicca

Luis Arnau
the worst car in the world
Коментарий: Luis Arnau

Yo Karen better not fuck up my suspension 7:03
Коментарий: MyOwnWorld

If robots can work together, why can’t we?
Коментарий: KingKong

henry moghadas
I bought my avalanche in 2005 fully loaded out the door 28000.00 dolor with 385.00 payment
Same truck with bunch of crap add on it that you can put your self on The truck these days under a few hundred dolor like media player and camera and they sell it now for over 80000.00 dolor with same salary .
All the material are trashy plastic when you drive you can hear all squeezing noises .
Not worth it at all .

Коментарий: henry moghadas

Contrast this plant with a Honda plant. The Honda workers all look professional with uniforms.
Коментарий: mrknotthall

LeoNilo Las del recuerdo
I thought it was a Ford manufacturer..
Коментарий: LeoNilo Las del recuerdo

poiuytrewq asdfghjkl
حلمي امتلك هيج سياره😢
Коментарий: poiuytrewq asdfghjkl

I bought a 2019 Trail Boss built in this plant and everything was built well, except for the grain of sand or dirt that got painted into the front of the hood. Dealership is fixing it next week. I had a 2018 crew cab that was made in mexico and it was a PIECE OF SHIT!
Коментарий: Exterminator

Marie Jopková
To přední čelo je nedemontovatelné?
Коментарий: Marie Jopková

Barry Terdmaster
Machines making machines for humans. What's next Machines making Machines for Machines?
Коментарий: Barry Terdmaster

Ember2460 Harrington
Please lock your truck quietly with light flash Only. No Honk. Please think what its like to be trying to sleep or rest and someone parks nearby and locks and Honk Honkkkkkks.
We Can Hear It Inside. Thank you.

Коментарий: Ember2460 Harrington

great machinery, great car
Коментарий: Nerg

Jorge David De La Fuente
Ugly expensive trucks inspired in some toys from the 90's, old trucks are better, and last longer.
Коментарий: Jorge David De La Fuente

william Wang
Americans have such a big butt that they need such a big car.
Коментарий: william Wang

Kelly Fontes
Is this operation on strike?
Коментарий: Kelly Fontes

Ian Crossley
All hat no cattle. A 4'x8' sheet of plywood would stick out the
back and get wet on the way home - a couch too. Are there cargo

tie downs?

Коментарий: Ian Crossley

Mayell vera
These new GM pickups look like minivans from the front
Коментарий: Mayell vera

Kimo Jon
The outside of the truck is ugly but the interior is OMG ugly.
Коментарий: Kimo Jon

Коментарий: ブゥ高木

j. nichols
Do robots have to take mandatory breaks?
Коментарий: j. nichols

Nicole Dam
All that dipping and painting and they still rust
Коментарий: Nicole Dam

what a waste of energy
Коментарий: Zach

yellow banana
Small d*** big car. Everything that comes from GM is in Europe considered low quality.
Коментарий: yellow banana

Dalop Phtty
Damn right my car;) I'm coming GM
Коментарий: Dalop Phtty

Whats the difference between a GMC truck and Chevy truck?
Коментарий: Bellicose27

דניאל אלון
Dear Friends!!!!! This is a very important message. Anyone who buys a new car from GENERAL Motors the chance you threw your money into the trash is very large. In this company there is no customer service, the company's management does not care at all, if you have a problem or a malfunction, you can only pray to God there is a chance that the help will come faster. GM is a very dangerous company, be careful and keep your money safe.!!!👎👎👎👎👎😬👎😬👎👎
Коментарий: דניאל אלון

Jacob Shore-Olson
Andddd this why quality control with GM products is absolutely garbage! Really go talk to your dealer and see how many trucks on the lot have issues. They all do
Коментарий: Jacob Shore-Olson

Arturo Nunez Salinas
Robots that make garbage trucks
Коментарий: Arturo Nunez Salinas

Derrick Bergman
I wonder where Trump is going to order his name be placed on all American cars and Trucks next month? Law says his name must be in gold leaf and at least 2' long by 10" tall.
Коментарий: Derrick Bergman

Aidan Melts
i wanna see a supervisor reboot walking around and just tapping the robots “good job today” “i need to see you in my office”
Коментарий: Aidan Melts

mc fist
GMC sucks, Chevy sucks, pay taxpayers back our money so we can put guards in schools to protect the kids. Fuck GMC
Коментарий: mc fist

Chinese Cooking vlog Premium
Like a rock
Коментарий: Chinese Cooking vlog Premium

What happened when Americans used to be able to afford American vehicles !
Коментарий: Abcdedghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

sean ausome
Robots are here AI will soon be putting humans out if jobs.
Коментарий: sean ausome

I have a chevy 2005, good car. Hopе will buy a new one 2019
Коментарий: HLEBA KUPI

Shareem Ibitsfala
These people are really going on strike? They hardly do anything. Won’t be long until engineers can work out design flaws that force them to use humans.
Коментарий: Shareem Ibitsfala

Robots building the ugliest truck ever designed!
Коментарий: hpjunkie73

Rob Smith
Maybe more revealing to talk about what you don't see here. Didn't see anyone smiling, no comradery, between any employees in this vid. Is it fair to say that this is not a great place to work? And if that's true, what does it mean for the quality of trucks made there?
Коментарий: Rob Smith

Oh my God, how can our next generation live, if everything is robot
Коментарий: فاضي

Clint Hymes
My neighbor just spent $47,000 on a 2020 2500 Silverado Lt. it’s a beautiful truck but damn.
Коментарий: Clint Hymes

Omar Lerma
Ummmm gm why are you copying Ford?
Коментарий: Omar Lerma

Pee Diddy
What's that cost? 70,000?
Коментарий: Pee Diddy

Lx l
I paid that much for them to be made so quickly o no o nooooo noooo noo
Коментарий: Lx l

Mike Bennet
Why cant I just get a low cost reliable pickup with crank windows and a bench seat anymore? I dont need or want a fancy infotainment system or seats amd a tailgate that fold up like Optimus Prime.
Коментарий: Mike Bennet

God Bless General Lee
Beautiful trucks, always.
Коментарий: God Bless General Lee

Rudy Straight
Look at these slaves. They dont know that if they collectively came together to overthrow govt who control the economy and everything with scripted mass shootings and increasing the prices on everything while work wages stay the same, they can live with more peace. But hey theyd rather work for pennies so they pay off their lifetime of debts
Коментарий: Rudy Straight

KFO 1977
نعنبوكم ماخليتو شي ياليهود
Коментарий: KFO 1977

Adam Adam
Gorgeous facility ! Down the road high crime & drugs.
Коментарий: Adam Adam

american production gives me cringes
Коментарий: mse

Tony Marino
I think General moters deserves the JD POWER award 🤣🤣🤣
Коментарий: Tony Marino

only thing they made decent is the transmission
Коментарий: Firelord360

محمد الاسمري
٣١٨ ديسلايك معهم شيصان 😹❌
Коментарий: محمد الاسمري

Johny Man
Robots are the result of unions.
Коментарий: Johny Man

Awdell Izadysadr
I wish this car was allowed and available in my country👍
Коментарий: Awdell Izadysadr

Ken Graham
All that work to make such a shitty looking truck...
Коментарий: Ken Graham

Dave Carlson
Not as ugly as 2019...
Коментарий: Dave Carlson

If you cant afford it, it's your own fault
Коментарий: SEM

Worst vehicles made ! I have a 2016 that has rust everywhere. Chevy/ gmc is shit!
Коментарий: Hazy

Thinh Huynh
I watched this video with Pacific Rim theme.
Коментарий: Thinh Huynh

Cant even wear a damn uniform, makes the whole company look cheap
Коментарий: RocketJungi

Steven horsefield
Keep buying them so I can pay pennies on the dollar used.
Коментарий: Steven horsefield

Steven horsefield
Alot of money for the new car smell.
Коментарий: Steven horsefield

So this is how and where my High Country was built, thank you!
Коментарий: Abbittibbi

Jerry Moody
2015...at 51k my ac went out...abruptly. There's a known design flaw that a couple of people have sued over...I call GM and all they can say is....take it to a dealer and let them diagnose it...I told them...it broke so it's diagnosed....they said they will work with me but no doubt I will be out of some cash for their design flaw.
Cadillac XLR...headlights started melting inside the housing....too much voltage - simple resistor fix.... I still had to pay 1k out of my pocket.
Hummer H2... interior parts failing....they didn't offer any help.
GM sucks

Коментарий: Jerry Moody

плиточник вольный
Теперь шанхайцам доступно 3д порно в 16к.))
Коментарий: плиточник вольный

GM is not like they use to be. Now they are Junk. Damn can’t even pick up a shock absorber by hand?
Коментарий: jasonneal

Daniel Duran
I guess robots have a good attitude, don’t take breaks don’t get sick and most important of all they don’t get unemployment or retirement benefits? Oh they also don’t talk back...
Коментарий: Daniel Duran

J McClain
No wonder the workers go on strike. They are being automated out of their jobs.
Коментарий: J McClain

P.T.B.O Cam
I don't see many humans working there...Thanks GM for killing Oshawa after I bailed you out! I'll never touch another GM product again.
Коментарий: P.T.B.O Cam

Chris Moyers
There goes another under powered GM truck down the line. A member of the Future Fucker of Hard Working Americans. FFHWA.
Коментарий: Chris Moyers

Don't they make 2 doors anymore?
Коментарий: Napili54

A miles de buchones les gusto este video :v
Коментарий: BrandonDR

i know one of the worker in that video and his truck is a 2001 toyota tundra and he's still driving it
Коментарий: andie371

Alfredo Caraça Schavareto
Коментарий: Alfredo Caraça Schavareto

Wanderson Rodrigues
Top de mais e sensacional .
Коментарий: Wanderson Rodrigues

david carder
To bad there all pieces of shit.
Коментарий: david carder

ريلاكس [FM]
عز الله يعزك 💪💪
Коментарий: ريلاكس [FM]

Craig Stephens
Fire the designer of this truck! 🤮
Коментарий: Craig Stephens

Steve Gunderson
Pick-ups are so big today they make my 2002 Silverado look like a mini truck.....The new pickups do not fit in my garage! So I keep the 2002 for a long time
Коментарий: Steve Gunderson

Fernando Matias
In what country they build these GM's??
Коментарий: Fernando Matias

Raymond Gonzalez
Chevy really wow all that work . To make a Ford looking chevy wow I been waiting to get new 2020 truck but after looking a finished product I have to say to ford looking can't do it gate to say it but I think ima have to go with an impot wa wa wa
Коментарий: Raymond Gonzalez

Hj Vh
Коментарий: Hj Vh

Mike Osborne
ugly ,junk, need to go back making real trucks, at least my 93 Silverado looks better than than that crap
Коментарий: Mike Osborne

They took our jobs
Коментарий: PURPLEFISH

Bmac1968 Ireland68
These are not trucks anymore they are a symbol, look@ mine it is bigger than yours,build a real !@#$ work truck
Коментарий: Bmac1968 Ireland68

is aluminium or steel
Коментарий: waverider791

Indiana DIY
Where the truck that gets 30 MPG?
Коментарий: Indiana DIY

Slim Shady
What an ugly pile of shit. Most new vehicle styling is awful (especially these yahoo trucks)
Коментарий: Slim Shady

Roger Kiell
Nice truck to expensive. I'll keep my Ram.
Коментарий: Roger Kiell

John Mooradian
It's about time GM ditched the hideous, squared wheel wells, but it's still an unattractive truck.
Коментарий: John Mooradian

Craig Cardwell
I'm amazed at how many ignorant people who don't have a clue what they're talking about post here.
Коментарий: Craig Cardwell

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