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The interior looks so 2010
Коментарий: metaltera86

Patheria Murphy
So let it be written,Thou Shall be Done Amen!!!
Коментарий: Patheria Murphy

Atif Ali
Its my dream car
Коментарий: Atif Ali

Chris Chris
I'm buying a 2020 AT4 and sending it to Callaway for a supercharger install. It retains the factory warranty.
Коментарий: Chris Chris

Daniel Maddox
GM government Motors owned by the government and ran by Union's. You know the old saying you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig
Коментарий: Daniel Maddox

gigio giaggi
Boring interior
Коментарий: gigio giaggi

Michael Cline
The direct injection/Dynamic Fuel Management will cause problems down the road. Any money you save on fuel will be spent on carbon cleaning and collapsed lifters.
Коментарий: Michael Cline

carlos austin
Ok great car review but that sweater looks amazingly comfortable....
Коментарий: carlos austin

Rashid Alzarooni
Where is the handbrake
Коментарий: Rashid Alzarooni

If you have you have your tow ball on, will the tail gate hit the tow ball? If so, this is a design flaw. I wouldn't want a dent on my new tail gate.
Коментарий: Bamafan1

Devon Janzen
What if the push button start stops working? What if the tailgate buttons stop working? Nice Review but I’d prefer my 18 Silverado LTZ z71 Thanks.
Коментарий: Devon Janzen

Brandon Cazares
Gm did a good job on the Sierra but it copied the Chevy Silverado
Коментарий: Brandon Cazares

Wish they added 12” screen
Коментарий: jbarres80

Devo Dar
The commentator did a great job! As for the truck the Ram is so much nicer and a better overall truck. And this truck can only tow 9500# that’s a joke!
Коментарий: Devo Dar

James Tatham-Clark
The video was Awesome!! Nice wheels!! 👍
Коментарий: James Tatham-Clark

George Wilson
Nice !
Коментарий: George Wilson

Alejandro San Miguel
It's beautiful😍
Коментарий: Alejandro San Miguel

Mid South Hot Shots
How could you walk around an overpriced piece of plastic shit lmao
Коментарий: Mid South Hot Shots

Ty Taylor
To me the new Ford and Chevy/GMC look too much alike in the front end.
Коментарий: Ty Taylor

Bill Beverly
Who the hell picked brown interior accents? Yuck.
Коментарий: Bill Beverly

Steve Sigler
Yea pretty much the same ol crap looks good on the outside but the quality internally is low. Not built to last. I had 2 of them over the years and I am done with GM. As of last Friday I am a very proud owner of a 2019 Toyota Tundra Double cab TRD Sport 5.7. Can you say beast?!
Коментарий: Steve Sigler

Skywalker Z
For real

The interior doesn’t match the exterior

A shame

Коментарий: Skywalker Z

الـبـرنــس _
Коментарий: الـبـرنــس _

Ok. Enough about the tailgate. Lol!!!!
Коментарий: Walter

Firebreakbo4 Cod
Hey my dad has this truck
Коментарий: Firebreakbo4 Cod

Nomad -81-
Its ok I guess, if you cant afford a power wagon like me.
Коментарий: Nomad -81-

Jacqui Bowers
My dad House one
Коментарий: Jacqui Bowers

Mark Johnston
Overpriced fuck up. I'd choose a Toyota over it any day/minute.
Коментарий: Mark Johnston

Najee Jackson
Next year going to be tricky for truck buyers
Коментарий: Najee Jackson

I want this truck
Коментарий: Saulskii

דניאל אלון
Dear friends! Don't let the stories and beautiful pictures confuse you,
GM this is a dangerous company for all public, anyone who buys a new car
from GM, throws his money in the garbage bin, at the moment of
malfunctioning you are alone and may God help you, in this company there
is no customer service in general, and the management does not care,
you will regret your loss of money. Be careful from GM!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎😬👎😬

Коментарий: דניאל אלון

Leonardo Cerda
Fuck GM.
Коментарий: Leonardo Cerda

Ardi Ardi
I never understood why you guys need such big cars in USA. 6.2 l engine?????. That’s madness. At least get Mercedes 63 amg.
Коментарий: Ardi Ardi

Paddy L
Nice work bro, tks for sharing.
Коментарий: Paddy L

Chris Taylor
Are you driving near Davidson nc in this video?
Коментарий: Chris Taylor

Devon Janzen
I’m sorry but I picture myself picking up my girlfriend in this thing (yes I’m a teen 😂)
Коментарий: Devon Janzen

John Henninger
what is that body color?
Коментарий: John Henninger

Forget everything I said about getting the gladiator. This is my dream truck right here. From this day forward, I will be saving up for one (when it is pre owned, as a pre owned truck that is only a year old is almost $10,000 cheaper than brand new)
Коментарий: csa_warrior

T Boyle
That was a really good review, did this truck have the factory cat back exhaust installed?
Коментарий: T Boyle

That was a good review! Wow, that big V-8 sounds great! Wish you would have made time to talk about the factory cold air intake and catback exhaust. I like it!
Коментарий: MrBlueSkyNM

Would this truck be the “trail boss” of gmc?
Коментарий: MEEKS-E

The Mower Co.
That thrown in brown is just tasteless
Коментарий: The Mower Co.

Luis Barrientos
I got mine in feb. Love it!
Коментарий: Luis Barrientos

Cybertron the lost Warriors
Question is the RAM truck a rip off
Коментарий: Cybertron the lost Warriors

If I were to buy a truck this year, this would be the truck.
Коментарий: jlen82

مشتاق الك يصاحبي
عملاق السياره جمسي
Коментарий: مشتاق الك يصاحبي

Derrin Eckelmann
Truck looks like a Ford thats a instant 👎🏻
Коментарий: Derrin Eckelmann

David Nilles
Glad to see the AT4 video. Seems like a great truck. But do you spend 10K more and get a Raptor? Hmmm.
Коментарий: David Nilles

Brandon Cazares
Awesome truck
Коментарий: Brandon Cazares

Vis 10n
Too bad I cant afford 1
Коментарий: Vis 10n

Allie Wilcox
How much was this.?
Коментарий: Allie Wilcox

steve y
Interior looks like something from the 90’s, exterior is good.
Коментарий: steve y

What is the exact colour of this truck in the review?
Коментарий: D N

Glyn Robinson
Nice ride! MSRP?
Коментарий: Glyn Robinson

guy proulx
I'll keep my V8 thanks
Коментарий: guy proulx

SoCal DanK
So damn ugly
Коментарий: SoCal DanK

Jamie Mcpherson
I would buy this and be completely happy. Sure the interior isn’t as nice as the ram but I’m sure overall, quality will be much better with GMC. Not to mention this looks 10times better than the ram.
Коментарий: Jamie Mcpherson

Still can't help but think this tailgate is such a gimmick for city slickers that don't actually use their trucks for what they are rated for... This might sound ford biased but at least you don't need a high end model to get a simple mechanical step that doesn't require you to remove a hitch off the truck everytime you want to get into the bed, especially when you tow quite often and/or the hitch is covered in crap from the roads or work sites. GM truck sales are a direct reflection on what the majority of truck buyers are already realizing on their own. Sorry but Dodge takes this year's nicest truck by far and even ford Q1 sales are dominating still. Interior in this truck looks soft and comfortable but definitely dated right out of the gate. Just my 2 cents
Коментарий: Bigtechtickles

idk men
44.000 dolars
Коментарий: idk men

Mason Kennington
what if you have a hitch on tho.....
Коментарий: Mason Kennington

Jimmy Velasquez
Truck is nice except for the plain rear view mirror
Коментарий: Jimmy Velasquez

$60k for this??? Kinda high but it's a bargain if you have the money.... a little more than I can afford but for the price this AT4 vs a same year Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon....hands down the truck... a capable v8 that can haul and tow plus way better interior... jeep is good but overpriced for the wrangler these last years.
Коментарий: VicZX6R

Evil Mofo
Damn that’s nice!
Коментарий: Evil Mofo

Black Stallion
Коментарий: Black Stallion

Calvin Ellis
How do you rate this truck with a ford Raptor
Коментарий: Calvin Ellis

Really glad i went with the Ram , Gmc/chevy and ford need to step it up
Коментарий: Pdubz

Danley Jones
Would the tailgate folded down in the lowest configuration interfere with a trailer hitch?
Коментарий: Danley Jones

Chris R
Nice truck except they catch fire in low speed crashes.
Коментарий: Chris R

James Cooper
Nice truck! I'm not sure it's that much more off road capable than a regular four wheel drive, but it's still a sweet ride.
Коментарий: James Cooper

Not only did GM make money off you when you buy this truck but with all the fancy gadgets, they’ll have you keep coming back to get them fixed.
Коментарий: jenkins054

David Nilles
Great looking truck. Sounds good too. There’s a model called the Elevation in black that is wicked as well. Reminds me of the Ford Raptor. Good video!
Коментарий: David Nilles

Todd Iaquessa
I have always been a FORD guy, but they have been pissing me off the past few years. This AT4 is definitely a front runner in the very near future. I'm loving the 2019 design.
Коментарий: Todd Iaquessa

BigBitesR rite
8 speed tranny ?
Коментарий: BigBitesR rite

Ricky Logan Jr.
Hi Brian 😄. I'm not a truck man, but the GMC AT4 is impressive. Yesterday when I read that the 6 function tailgate would be demonstrated in this vid review I was not sure what to expect, and that is a great thing. Actually seeing how the 6 function tailgate works was awesome and different. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it. Again, I'm no truck man, but I was amazed by the AT4's functionality especially in the rear quarters with the indentation for extra headroom and storage compartment in the seat back.
Коментарий: Ricky Logan Jr.

Steve D
I don’t need a damn button to open the tailgate on my Truck. I have hands

Can’t stand when manufacturers do this

Коментарий: Steve D

Robert Baratheon
way better than the trailboss
Коментарий: Robert Baratheon

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