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kirk leaper
No one likes a nit pick - however, you referred to the rifles as being higher calibre...this is not true. The .50AE is a higher calibre (bore or diameter) than the two 7.62mm (roughly .30 calibre) rifle rounds. They are higher powered-hence more damage...not everyone who watches your channel may know this...
Коментарий: kirk leaper

Ashton Chaban
Y did you do the higher caliber first 😑
Коментарий: Ashton Chaban

Isaac K
Buy better camera, i want to see the slow motion of the bullets hitting the object.
Коментарий: Isaac K

I realize he's not necessarily shooting for accuracy, but every time he dropped his sight picture bugged me. Definitely not a bad day on the range though
Коментарий: biggBOSS1991

idontcare xll
u should have sprayed that window
Коментарий: idontcare xll

Where's the ac-130
Коментарий: SadBoyNinja

mr.psychotic always
Call in a gun ship.... Other wise its garbage!!!
Коментарий: mr.psychotic always

I love the camera man haha
Коментарий: KeinenVlogs

Where is the cal 50 super shoot?
Коментарий: xchillerjonasx

Jae Bird
What's the repair cost after getting shot. You make it back to HQ and what? Gotta send it back for repair?
Коментарий: Jae Bird

qamar hamdani
50 BMG?
Коментарий: qamar hamdani

Shahid REGAL
Are you made😲😲😲😲so expensive OMG
Коментарий: Shahid REGAL

Video starts at 6:27 thank me later
Коментарий: OmeletVevo

Wheres the sniper rifle
Коментарий: NeverBGamedOut

Montiviction P
This car is mad
Коментарий: Montiviction P

King K's
Most blinks in a second :20
Коментарий: King K's

Mayhem Mike
Magine what that windshield weighs???
Коментарий: Mayhem Mike

Wind does not torture me it tortures you Edwin but not me I love wind I think it’s beautiful
Коментарий: ASMVicente

Gabriel Guerra Meneses
Try. 50 cal
Коментарий: Gabriel Guerra Meneses

zahi and zayan Control 27
Коментарий: zahi and zayan Control 27

Car Glass will NOT fix that, or?
Коментарий: Josla

Andrea Pellini
Perfect to go to the supermarket
Коментарий: Andrea Pellini

King Louie X
All the Mexican cartel members are probably watching this video 😏
Коментарий: King Louie X

Audira Nelson
They way these bulletproofed SUVs are tested is so funny. When the enemy attacks, trust me, he's gonna empty that magazine in 10 secs. No Mercy..
Коментарий: Audira Nelson

Brazoria County Off-Road Recovery
Trying not to cause damage to the roof except at @17:48 you cause damage to the roof
Коментарий: Brazoria County Off-Road Recovery

Lets Talk
Welcome to the wind channel. Lol
Коментарий: Lets Talk

s k
Will not survive of spray. Also hit same spot will not take more than three bullets to penetrate the glass
Коментарий: s k

In a real scenario I'm guessing they would shoot full automatic now with that how are you to drive away if the windshield is all shot up
Коментарий: bossman2921

Prototype JoS
ok, now 50 cal
Коментарий: Prototype JoS

They should use a 50bmg armor penetrating round
Коментарий: xlogcal

J0K3R 969
Try using rocket launcher or minigun
Коментарий: J0K3R 969

madtr will love to have one ..am from nigerai

Mr.Unknown Cali-Life
3:05 me when I ran from the cops!
Коментарий: Mr.Unknown Cali-Life

Fucked Gplus
How bout the engine? If i would want to kill ppl inside i would neutralize the engine block then but the car on fire... Cooking the inhabitants like in a hoven...
Коментарий: Fucked Gplus

no 50BMG?
Коментарий: 风炫Akauri

Carin Hall
I'll stick with my T-90
Коментарий: Carin Hall

How does he gets the guns and bullets
Коментарий: akshat

skywalker anakin
17:52     is small hand gun's bullet same as bird's crap?
Коментарий: skywalker anakin

elesio lacaya
gutling gun plssss
Коментарий: elesio lacaya

Bruno Bloem
Shoot it with a sniper hahahaha
Коментарий: Bruno Bloem

Alex Ortiz
ojalá hubieras puesto un Calibre 50
Коментарий: Alex Ortiz

Karunakar M
Pubg scarL 😁😂
Коментарий: Karunakar M

Trenzy Entertainment
Ohh.. Interesting...
Коментарий: Trenzy Entertainment

Marcus Calvin
Do the golden guns come with purchase
Коментарий: Marcus Calvin

Viking Sven
Its unbeliabeable!.....I want that car!!
Коментарий: Viking Sven

just some random guy
It's funny how people keep saying BMG or 50 Caliber to shot at this car.....
For goodness sake that shit is heavy to carry....unless it's to kill a very high rank person, otherwise no enemy would use it...
So for me this car deserve an applaud for withstanding all the way up to 7.65 mm.....

Коментарий: just some random guy

Ehi Ujiagbe
Why didn't you shoot it with a 50cal bullet.. Test not complete.
Коментарий: Ehi Ujiagbe

Jadav Borah
Oh my god
Коментарий: Jadav Borah

Imagine forgetting the keys inside the car
Коментарий: Alrrome111

jay deister
"That's pretty James Bond!"
Коментарий: jay deister

Infinity anchor
How many shots does it can take to fully destroy the whole window
Коментарий: Infinity anchor

SkiZ dOg
Why not try the 5.56 ? What most people will be shooting in an AR
Коментарий: SkiZ dOg

gaurav dogra
Коментарий: gaurav dogra

Abdullah Nadeem
What about 50 bmg
Коментарий: Abdullah Nadeem

Dhurba Chhetri
I want to modify my car to bullet proof, but I am in India. Guys can you come to ìndia and modify my Hyundai i20 active!thanks!
Коментарий: Dhurba Chhetri

Freddy P Mariano
You guys are too much lol
Коментарий: Freddy P Mariano

.50 Bmg, .416 Barrett, .408 Cheytac, .338 Lapua Magnum would penetrate that glass.
Коментарий: EUK007

Glencho Playa
Thanks Mark and Edwin. Amazing product.
Коментарий: Glencho Playa

Colin M
The Armenian genocide was a hoax.
Коментарий: Colin M

Arunachal Daily
you laughing for no reason
Коментарий: Arunachal Daily

Conroy Hyman
What about M16
Коментарий: Conroy Hyman

Pass it back!!
Shoot a bullet proof honda civic next time👌
Коментарий: Pass it back!!

good boy with bad thoughts
AWM should put to test😎
Коментарий: good boy with bad thoughts

Viki Kumar
2 shots on same spot and driver died
Коментарий: Viki Kumar

Kier Hasim
RPGs join the group
Коментарий: Kier Hasim

khadar hasuun
Hell not give me that car guys
Коментарий: khadar hasuun

ItssAlexisOneState GA
Bad luck suv
Коментарий: ItssAlexisOneState GA

Ben Wolod
Where's the Serbu???
Коментарий: Ben Wolod

M Hassan Ali Khan
How much money this car will be bullet proof yukon XL ?
Коментарий: M Hassan Ali Khan

Gergely Zsigri
Коментарий: Gergely Zsigri

Wiki Wu
Is your car bulletoff everywhere?
Коментарий: Wiki Wu

Akash Kumar
Give ne one gun 😁
Коментарий: Akash Kumar

jose mendoza valencia
You want to come to Mexico every guy carries at least 30 round clips did I just hear you say itcan handle at least 10 more Lol
Your fucked in Mexico Buddy.

Коментарий: jose mendoza valencia

I need to see you shoot it with .50 BMG
Коментарий: M Q

jeff ghant
I want to see a vibranium car.
Коментарий: jeff ghant

I’m not going to shoot double Desert eagles.

*Shoots double desert eagles

Коментарий: Damublphgor999

Joel Vandusen
Imagine trying to escape that car when you accidentally drive into a lake
Коментарий: Joel Vandusen

Who else was praying for a 50. BMG to get pulled out
Коментарий: IXl- INSANITY -IXl

Ata Samama
Sir please give me the car😢 do not shoot😢✌✌
Коментарий: Ata Samama

Awesome Video
Коментарий: SHOA

Edgardo Tejada
Hit it with a .50 BMG just for fun
Коментарий: Edgardo Tejada

Ryan Kavanagh
Put a hornady slug through the driver window see how that works. I seen a video it went through bullet proof glass like that
Коментарий: Ryan Kavanagh

Joseph Borrero
I want one when I hit the lotto. 🤔👌
Коментарий: Joseph Borrero

Коментарий: zincmis2

Probir Biswas
Bro I am an Indian and your biggest fan can I get your what's app number?
Коментарий: Probir Biswas

in the 1990's Cadillac plastics were the leaders in bank and bullet resistant and armor protection, why i used to work for them and they won a tender to replace all the counters face to face interaction at some of the major banks, which is a staff member hit a button a bullet resistant glass and polycarbonate shield would come down to protect the bank staff. :)
Коментарий: 7071t6

All the glass resin is sourced from from scilly ( the glass sand is very very pure and perfect to making bullet proof or resistant glass, also the only place in the world that the US government source its glass resin), i know because the Dept of Defence wanted to get the best glass resin and polycarbonate sheets as well to make bullet resistant glass for the australian Armoured personnel carrier, which i found out it can stop a .50 cal round no problems it weight is about 1.5 tons and is about 6" thick and perfectly clear. :)
Коментарий: 7071t6

Matthew Adams
Where's the 50 BMG and the 20MM? And door shots? Tire shots? Can it be disabled by shooting the grill/hood?


Коментарий: Matthew Adams

My Tom Singh
Do with 20mm 20 cal or 50cal
Коментарий: My Tom Singh

Dreams In Frame
Hammer h2o bulletproof?
Коментарий: Dreams In Frame

Daemon Slayer Playz
Spartan helmet
Коментарий: Daemon Slayer Playz

เกียรติศักดิ์ เงินทองฟู
Fc. Thailand 🇹🇭
Коментарий: เกียรติศักดิ์ เงินทองฟู

Turn on those electric door handles cops have no chance of getting you
Коментарий: John

Louis Koo
A lot say Why no 50 Cal? If he can, he would. If he did, who is going to fork the bill?

I'm happy to see that without the 50, but better if I can.

Коментарий: Louis Koo

Dick Head
Because they are small group
Lack of money foundation
And it is personally car

Коментарий: Dick Head

I cant even afford this car
Коментарий: Vienpasfairchier

Use 50 caliber on this car
Коментарий: AHSAN ANSARI

Harry Turney
Can they bullet proof a mustang GT500?
Коментарий: Harry Turney

Jonathan Rae Crisanto
Where's the .50 BMG?
Коментарий: Jonathan Rae Crisanto

A—N—I—M—E —T
Why no 50CAL
Коментарий: A—N—I—M—E —T

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