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Redline Reviews
Good morning from Jackson Hole, WY! The 2020 Acadia AT4 was actually a nice surprise for us. We weren't that impressed with the new Acadia in 2017, but the styling changes that GMC has made for 2020 and this new AT4 trim has made this vehicle much more appealing and we'd argue that some buyers may think of this more as a reborn Chevrolet Blazer over the "actual" Blazer. Plus, it's built in the USA, which for some buyers is reason alone to choose it over the Chevrolet cousin. We're heading to Ojai, CA later this morning to drive the 2020 Subaru Legacy next!
Коментарий: Redline Reviews

Am very disappointed that it has a third row.
Коментарий: J S

Josue Argumedo
I hope GM doesn’t leave the old gauges on the new GM trucks.
Коментарий: Josue Argumedo

рома мирный
Кочерга где?
Коментарий: рома мирный

Interior looks late 80's
Коментарий: drewski

Colton carroll
I’m sure you have to pull the drive or reverse so you don’t accidentally hit it or or a kid accidentally hit it.....
Коментарий: Colton carroll

Brian Dors
There is adaptive cruise on the Denali trim.

The mode selector does remember AWD mode even after you shut down and restart. It just won’t stay in tow, off road, or sport mode.

Are you sure there isn’t an off road mode? On my Denali it’s indicated by a mountain road symbol.

Коментарий: Brian Dors

Daniel Tojcic
4:07 why is the top of the hitch receiver covered by part of the bumper?
Коментарий: Daniel Tojcic

Jonathan Losito 2OOO
The screen gauges are a little bit more big in the Denali trim.
Коментарий: Jonathan Losito 2OOO

Jonathan Losito 2OOO
You should do a Comparison between these two midsize off road SUVS; GMC Acadia AT4 vs Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek
Коментарий: Jonathan Losito 2OOO

Wrong Send
Push buttons transmissions . Is stupid.
Коментарий: Wrong Send

Mike Nelson
I would take a column mounted shifter any day over that push button BS.
Коментарий: Mike Nelson

Dave Ninjaneuro
5'7 eh?
Коментарий: Dave Ninjaneuro

Fuck all rednecks
Damn that's a lot of plastic cladding, it's going to look bad when they start fading...!
Коментарий: Fuck all rednecks

Angel Escamilla
17 inch wheels? 💁🏾‍♂️
Коментарий: Angel Escamilla

No adaptive cruise and no cooled seats? Those are deal breakers...:(.
Коментарий: bfee20021

Israel Perez
I think the shift is pull so u don’t accidentally push it to reverse while driving maybe
Коментарий: Israel Perez

General George S. Patton Jr.
Коментарий: General George S. Patton Jr.

Raheen Cunningham
i lost interest in the suv when you had to push to select gear
Коментарий: Raheen Cunningham

These will be shop every other week
Коментарий: shmbbrkr

BlueWRX Subie
you dummies out there think 10 speeds are so great are going to regret it when they wear out faster and the cost to fix them is through the roof. 6 speed is tried and true and will make better in the end
Коментарий: BlueWRX Subie

Kevin Lambrix
I just watched another review by "alex norman" and he said the Acadia at4 does have adaptive cruise and even displayed it on screen. He even showed how to set the collision response.
Коментарий: Kevin Lambrix

Kevin Lambrix
I don't feel it looks dated on the exterior at all. GMC has never been about modern or cutting edge styling. I have been hoping they would restyle the Acadia to look more like their pick up trucks and thankfully that's what we got. Yes it resembles some Dodge cars, but it more so resembles GMC pick ups. I think it looks great on the exterior. I realize it's not for serious off-roading, I'm not going to be doing that anyway. After having a few cars for my wife (we currently have a Buick Enclave) I am looking for a family hauler that looks more masculine and rugged. I am considering the Explorer ST, but we don't need that power and firm ride. I'd rate the exterior of this AT4 a "10." I would go out and buy it today except there are a few nagging flaws which upsets me off and GM upsets me a lot lately. The shifter is ridiculous. I agree it looks good, but using it is extremely inconvenient. WHY NO PADDLES? Well I know why, cost cutting. I'm not going to sit and push buttons to change gears, how anti climatic and cumbersome! Also I had a rental car on a recent vacation that had adaptive cruise control and absolutely loved it! It's a huge shame this refreshed Acadia does not have it. I don't know if I can live without that for the types of driving we will use this vehicle for. Finally, I wish the infotainment screen was larger and I wish the interior was a lot nicer than it is. These things may keep me from buying this unfortunately. SO tired of GM cost cutting. As for the Telluride. I've loved the photos. However, upon seeing a few on the roads I do not like the looks of it in person as it goes down the street. Everyone seems to love it. I hate the square daytime running lights, I thought I would like them but I don't like them at all. The Telluride also seems to sit real low in the back they always look like they are carrying a lot of weight in the cargo area. I don't like it's stance at all. I agree 100% they are a great value, but I don't like the looks of the Telluride's exterior, imo. The interior looks amazing though and the Palisade is extremely over the top and gaudy in design. I'll be buying a car in the next few months, so far it looks like it's between the Explorer ST, Explorer Limited, 2020 Acadia or the soon to be released Highlander although not sure I like the exterior of the 2020 Highlander in pictures. I will have to see it in person, but I know it will have adaptive cruise and a traditional shifter and a nicer interior than the Acadia and get a lot better mpg than the Acadia or the Explorer. Just hoping it has a trim appearance that will look nice.
Коментарий: Kevin Lambrix

Pranks on You
The Brand New Acadia with the same old interior that is typical in gm cars.
Коментарий: Pranks on You

Matt Hoffman
Oh yeah, that front bumper just screams "approach angle" dun'it? And a transaxle based AWD system?(slowclap)
More plastic junk from the General.... NEXT!

And, you didn't even try to take it "off road." 'Sup wit' dat?

Коментарий: Matt Hoffman

idk why ppl always review the black interior and then complain that it's too black. there are other colors, you know? at least for the trucks they have a brown one with a lot more contrast you just never see it in reviews usually
Коментарий: smooth

Dr. Reality - Dave Champion
You wondered aloud why the driver has to pull up rather than push down on the drive mode "buttons". To prevent accidental operation that pushing would allow.
Коментарий: Dr. Reality - Dave Champion

Now this is a Mans SUV....thank you GMC😎👌...I saw this in person and was like😯🙃👏
Коментарий: Dontéx

Clo Ud
Love this car....HATE that manual sun shade! What were they thinking?!?!
Коментарий: Clo Ud

New Lion
gm comes up with stupid names for their offroad/high performance vehicles!! at4 is a name for a tire lol. GX4 would sound sexy!
Коментарий: New Lion

Maria from Philadelphia
GMC is the worst cars to every buy
Коментарий: Maria from Philadelphia

Of course a piece of plastic already broken off, what do you expect from Generic Material Company?
Коментарий: palmviewlobos15

That transmission selector 😣
Коментарий: Anirban

game's park / حديقة الالعاب
Very nice video.
Коментарий: game's park / حديقة الالعاب

Bee Aj
Is that a paddle shifter behind the steering wheel? I thought sofyan said there is no paddle shifter.
Коментарий: Bee Aj

Seriously?! All these videos talking about this thing is off road ready and NO ONE HAS TAKEN IT OFF ROAD!!
Коментарий: Calebt1981

Francisco Arroyo
So is that an LGX engine?
Коментарий: Francisco Arroyo

Mitchell Pritsker
The 2017 GMC Acadia had a traditional floor shifter. The 2020 GMC Acadia now has a push button gear select.
Коментарий: Mitchell Pritsker

Daleyza's Adventure Aguilar Family
I just lemonlawa 2018 acadia denali bad experience.. and i won .. trash Gmc
Коментарий: Daleyza's Adventure Aguilar Family

Jeyhailio Crooks
i love gmc im 12 but still love it it look so good
Коментарий: Jeyhailio Crooks

bowlingballhead x
These new transmissions are out of control. I have a '96 Cherokee Sport with almost 200k and the original 4-speed that still shifts like butter. I went and test drove a new Trailhawk with the 9-speed ZF shitbox and good lord, that thing was all over the place.
Коментарий: bowlingballhead x

João Paulo Lemos
GMC has the same interior on their cars for the past 15 years.. it’s time to try something different.. just plain boring..
Коментарий: João Paulo Lemos

Amin Inshassi
I really don't understand the hatred toward the electronic shifters, especially the push button kind. They are wonderful, modern looking, and way cooler than the traditional shifters. Plus, I think it's nice to try something different, something new, what about you?
Коментарий: Amin Inshassi

Using the word "faux ", make the vehicle sound better than saying "fake "? I'll keep my Ascent.
Коментарий: A GM

life sucks
I personally like the looks of the 2016 model that my mother has in thinking of buying one like hers myself
Коментарий: life sucks

MMS MonteroSport
Isuzu MU-X older brother 🙃😅😅😅😂
Коментарий: MMS MonteroSport

What a POS!
Коментарий: JLo

YoshiFTW BoshiFTL
Awesome Review Of 2020 GMC Acadia. 😀
Коментарий: YoshiFTW BoshiFTL

Jose Hernandez
I believe the Acadia should have been the same size as the traverse to be named a mid size, not much bigger than the terrain, why? second,interior quality is in par with that of the terrain, not great, more forgiving in the lesser Terrain mid trim , but certainly not here.Now how can the 2020 terrain get all the safety features standard including the forward collision avoidance and not the more expensive Acadia. Also if I were to build an off road awd I would have chosen the name GMC Terrain and of course made it a mid size suv to compete with those of mopar such as their jeeps.I love gm but they need to start making sense and up their game really fast. And Don’t get me started with the blazer, like gm don’t have enough crossovers already, what a waste of a good old name. The shifter I do like in terms of space made and safety, yes it’s safer , forget to put it in park, it will set park by itself once you open the drivers door, regular shifter don’t do that. Also press any buttons while driving and it does nothing, tried them all. Start,stop technology sucks, makes no sense at all and should be eliminated, the amount of fuel and emissions saved don’t justify the headaches and future issues such as cutting off and not restarting doe to bad or low batteries, this system is very dependent of battery health, not just charge. I love the brand and hope they do better for the sake of our economy.
Коментарий: Jose Hernandez

Enzo Jay
They copied the dodge head lights.. and the rear head lights look like a Ford Explorer trash 🗑
Коментарий: Enzo Jay

Commenter Person
6:46 safety.
Коментарий: Commenter Person

Dislike for the horrible camera work. Couldn't watch past 4 minutes. Stop moving the camera left right up and down on every single shot. I'm watching an optical illusion 🤬
Коментарий: Aram

Brad Lawson
The front end looks just like my 2017 Sierra.
Коментарий: Brad Lawson

Francisco Ortega 5.0
Volume is low :"))
Коментарий: Francisco Ortega 5.0

News that matter
Theres nothing off roady about that thing. No center locking diff. Off road suspension, proper ground clearance, off road.
Коментарий: News that matter

ok, the first minute of this video is painful to watch... all those panning body close ups do not make GM look good, it's 2019 and they still have issues with body panel gaps and alignment... this ride looks like it was pasted together in a kindergarten art project, who is the QA team at GM that let this get into the press pool? good grief GM get your act together
Коментарий: ihategooglespooks

Doug Denessen
looks like a durango...
Коментарий: Doug Denessen

Joshua Rutter
American car makers have to meet quarterly profits for investors and that’s why they cheap out by using Chinese electronics and lots of plastic and sub quality components. Honda & Toyota can build quality cars because they don’t have to make millions in profits for shareholders like we do. They make profit but it’s a different system.
Коментарий: Joshua Rutter

Waseem Khan
2020 Acadia vs 2010 Acadia which is bigger in size?
Коментарий: Waseem Khan

Juan Jose Martinez
GMC lost me with the ugly and none functional transmission shifter.
Коментарий: Juan Jose Martinez

If it’s almost $50k it’s DOA. The top Telluride can be had for that and is better in every way except engine numbers and approach/departure angles, which, if you’re not taking it off-road like the majority of crossover buyers these days, won’t rate much with prospective buyers.
Коментарий: wetamup2009

I like my 2019 black edition with the center shifter much better. Glad I didn’t hold out for a 2020. I don’t know why the don’t have a serious competitor to the Grand Cherokee. That was supposed to be the hummer 3 but GM destroyed that brand name with lame products. GM poor product decisions bankrupted them once and it’ll probably happen again.
Коментарий: mk453879

Mr2.0t drvr
That gear shifter has got to go... 3rd row seat looks like it has more room then most. Off road, dont think so... love the LED light treatment, hate the plastic body trim, reminds me of autos of the 90's.
Коментарий: Mr2.0t drvr

tae MAC
I was going to say the back looks like a Ford Explorer to lol. Guess Automakers are running out of design ideas...
Коментарий: tae MAC

laween Albotany
GM designs 👍👍👍👍
Коментарий: laween Albotany

Raul Gsxr
I gate that transmission selector too. Why, just why would you put manual mode like that? Just dumb af.
Коментарий: Raul Gsxr

Really like the looks of this. Do you recall if it has sunglasses holder up by the rear view mirror? Can’t wait to hear pricing? Think the 4 cylinder 2.0 turbo will be enough to push this around?
Коментарий: UncleGreatness

umer nisar
Suv of the future love front grill cinematography 👏
Коментарий: umer nisar

King GMC
They have been offering adaptive cruise for 3 years on a Denali
Коментарий: King GMC

Hell I ain't Surprised If GMC Makes A Rebadged Blazer. Lol
Коментарий: RX TV

J & J
Hold up, I thought it was GMC Jimmy?
Коментарий: J & J

Okie Bear
Why the hell does GM not build something that competes with the Wrangler and 4Runner? Boggles my mind.
Коментарий: Okie Bear

Transmission selector location...just say no!! Hope their next try will equal the last Explorer!!
Коментарий: shopwithaaron

Adam James
GMC has done nothing but produce complete SHIT. Never buying one again
Коментарий: Adam James

Very old center... interior is primitive on today's standard. Cost saving amarican automakers.
Коментарий: chewchew74

Justin Perez
Honda Pilot / Toyota Highlander are 10x better than this American made garbage. Anything made by GM is junk, actually any US brand (Ford, GMC, Chevy, RAM, Dodge) are unreliable excuses for cars.
Коментарий: Justin Perez

alunak oliva
Eu quero um
Коментарий: alunak oliva

fat boy
Off road ready, what a joke lmaooooo!!!!. Just bullshit to fool a soccer mom
Коментарий: fat boy

You push the transmission buttons up because it's so much easier to accidentally hit down, use common sense
Коментарий: kaliman198117

IL Scrapple
Hardly - not with those approach and exit angles
Коментарий: IL Scrapple

Roman Seano
You laid this out really well, Sofyan. Couldn't agree more about the push-button gear selector. If GMC is trying to move toward a pro-grade - what you described as masculine image, then scrapping a comfortable & intuitive console shift in favor of a convoluted button setup, is a craptastic way to get there.

We shopped the previous gen Acadia Denali, "on paper" as a top choice. Once we drove it, we liked it. But it wasn't quite as stable feeling as our 2004 GMT-360 Bravada Final 500 that needed replacing (near perfect condition at 105K miles, broadsided & totaled by red light runner), and it definitely had less passion & personality in its feel & design. We didn't need a 3rd row, but were open to it. So we sat down to discuss, and we couldn't wrap our minds around over $50K being "a deal" for what it was.

Long story short, we started over, shopped around & chose a Hyundai Santa Fe Ultimate - out the door around $38K (roomier yet still a several $K less than GM's Terrain/Envision/Equinox triplets), and better handling with more features than the Acadia Denali offered, i.e. the 360 camera. The SF surprised us with more passenger space on all counts than our Bravada had, and just a little less cargo room.

We'd purchased primarily GM product for the past couple decades, not out of patriotism or loyalty - we genuinely liked what we drove. But for the first time from our POV - especially in the past 4 years with both product & pricing - they've really lost their way.

Коментарий: Roman Seano

mymomsa crackhead
Why would you buy this over the Jeep Grandcherokee with air suspension, great quality design real metal materials and leather, better Uconnect system with garmen nav and apple carplay with locking differential and a variety of a v8 or v6 engine or even a diesel engine.
Коментарий: mymomsa crackhead

I don’t mind Push to start, but wtf is up with killing the shifters... ?
Коментарий: FoxTrot425

ClassicCorvettes & Musclecars
My only like is the bolder manlier styling with black wheels. Dislikes r long: pushbutton trans, 9spd could b as problematic as their awful 8spd. Standard stop/stop now which u didn’t mention. The 19s with the V6 didn’t have this annoying garbage. If ur looking for an Acadia get the 19 leftover with a V6 and the reliable 6spd trans.
Коментарий: ClassicCorvettes & Musclecars

The "squarish" wheel wells that the GM family of brands likes to use are just plain ugly. That design always seems to make the wheels appear to be too small for the vehicle.
Коментарий: AR B

Having seen GMC in person, i don't think there is anything premium about it, especially not their interiors. GMC seems to only emphasize style over actual substance
Коментарий: pontiacGXPfan

Stephen Hendricks
Not sure why you'd compare the third row accommodations to the VW Tiguan, a vehicle that's eight inches less in length than the Acadia. A more appropriate comparison is with the 189" long KIA Sorento with more legroom in the third row than the Acadia.
Коментарий: Stephen Hendricks

udek k2r
this guy is pilipino..
Коментарий: udek k2r

Tahoe King
I used to own 2012 Tahoe and now I own a 2018 Tahoe and GM definitely needs to upgrade the way they use interior space. The way GM do it, third seat is for kids only. Also there is no enough storage places in the cabin compared to, for example, Ford Expedition.
Коментарий: Tahoe King

Alex F
Broken trim piece 😂.

This thing is very forgettable especially at/near 50k.

Коментарий: Alex F

MaKoGaMeR 2017
I’m sorry but this guy nit picks and I hate that
Коментарий: MaKoGaMeR 2017

I was sold until I saw that gear selector. Omg. Why is it a thing to get rid of the original? When did it become a problem being in the console? 🤷‍♂️ I never saw a GMC I liked until I saw this front end. It reminds me of the 2017 Silverado but smaller yet still bold looking. It was almost perfect. That damn gear selector. Ugh!!!
Коментарий: GRJCLyon

Nelson Amador
2019 blazer still better
Коментарий: Nelson Amador

Monte Foley
Can you get it optioned with a Toyota engine and a VW transmission?
Коментарий: Monte Foley

Коментарий: Lunamaria

James Mastroianni
If you are looking for a man van to haul the family around in thats also good on snow and dirt roads, get a telluride. If you are looking for something that you can go exploring in and bring the family with you, get a jeep (name your model). The acadia is just a budget xt6. This at4 trim isnt anything special

Also the FWD default is for EPA fuel economy reasons. There had to be a big enough difference with it engaged and disengaged to where in order to get the fuel economy numbers they did they had to reset it every power cycle, just like auto start stop. This is probably defeatable via hacks like auto start/stop

Коментарий: James Mastroianni

Ian Lee
Who buys GMCs 💩😭😭
Коментарий: Ian Lee

Thoothoolei Bawbawlei
Thank you for reviewing this for me. I'm done with GMC.
Коментарий: Thoothoolei Bawbawlei

vincent narvaez
Why does GM go with bulge bezel. Tacky but GM products seem riddled with that plastic crap. When will they learn....
Коментарий: vincent narvaez

James Burns
That is the worst that transmission button select ever GM trash
Коментарий: James Burns

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